Thursday, 15 February 2018

My ink and its Lines

My lines are alive,
Alive with your memories,
I sail through the waves of feelings,
Every time intense to more intensely,
Because you captured my soul,
And my breathe is near you,
 always reminds me,
  I am yours .

When my heart sings,
My ink splits,
All the emotions that is carefully caged in my bosom,
When my ink dances,
It crosses the boundaries to touch you,
When my ink pens you,
I forget me ,just remember you,
When my pen shrieks,
It longs for you.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Dear Valentine

O my dear Valentine!
What have you  done ?
You left me with no choice,
 You made me live to hear your voice,
I have no options to be happy,
Without seeing your smiling beauty,
With you I live hundred lives,
With you I play  with stars,
Live in Moon, and sing in heaven,
Fairies envy ,yet we dance with pride.

For you I count seconds ,curse minutes ,abuse hours,
Keep waiting eagerly just to get your glance,
 For you  I am  possessive,
For you I am submissive,
For you I am passionate,
For you I am defensive,
Transformed to obsessive,
It may sounds thrash but this is real and the fact.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Red Spring

Red Spring
Spring,the seasonal queen,
Richest with nature’s bounty,
Sweetest weather induces  ripples to the quite,  
Creates poets and poetry to glorify its divine,
 Soothing is its melody,
Soothing is the breeze,
Soothing is from dawn to dusk,
Soothing is the crush and
Soothingly  lovers weave  verse,
Soothingly they   flaunt their emotion,
Through the beautiful red rose.
Red is the rose ,
red is the core,
Red lovers look ,
Red  the Sun looks when it blush,
Red is the sky when two hearts meet and they never want to say bye,
Red is their cheeks when their eyes meet and they see each other with no intention  to part,
Red is the  evening moon,
Because it is aware of  romance and flowers speak through their fragrance.
Red is the emotion which is filled with passion,
Red is the spring ,when lovers hum Valentine rhyme.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

To my valentine

To my Valentine..
When you say nothing ,
Your echo I hear ,
It  heals  my burn,
I feel sad for a second ,
then smile in the second turn,
It’s you   ,whose picture I see in the morning dew,
Fantasize and then  run to grab it in my pocket to feel you,
Even in  crowd  I listen your whisper,
Sense your breath,
Recognize your smile,
Distinguish you when you sigh,
Experience  your  aromatic presence,
Figure out your silence,
Try to understand you without giving me preference,
It’s all because I am dedicated to you, my Valentine.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Self -invention

Self invention.
What I want to prove myself,
A perfectionist in each aspect,
A bundle of webbed prospect,
Vowed to the bunch of social respect,
Some sort of assertion ,
Some prohibition ,
some restriction,
To my expression ,
in order to prove me ,that I am perfect in every jurisdiction.
A self revelation, self assumption,
such redemption,
Revising myself in order to rediscover the potentials
Which submerged among the charms of the season’s rotation,
According to my changing scene of my character,
I mould my image to glorify my actions,
With a selfish motive,
to put my thumb impression to prove my perfection,but,
Rediscovering and reinventing helped me in order to,
Healing myself, dealing with thyself,{Almighty}
Creating a bond of uniqueness among our self,
Erases all the lines ,confirming me to stay contended in this art gallery.

Monday, 5 February 2018

My Feelings

My feelings for you is
Strange but true,
My blank spaces shriek for you,
It is you,
Whose alphabets sing and dance in my thoughts,
It is you,
Who sprayed dew ,brought rain, activated fountain,
In my inactive domicile,
I started feeling new,
Flying in high horizon,
Demanding like a child,
Jumping seeing your profile,
Wanted your attention all while,
Thinking you are only mine,
My ink is still dipped with your thoughts,
My dreams bear your spots,
Stars started calling me crazy,
and the Moon accepts me as his buddy,
my insanity was in heights,
When you robbed me,
When I am no more mine,
You left me …..
Crazy ,dizzy ,and I am waiting ,
For you in the dry meadows
sipping your memories as my wine.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Our Relation

Little common and bit uncommon
Is our relation.
Little spicy and bit juicy ,
Is our connection,
Little softness and of course tenderness,
For each other  is the addition ,
 ties   us to the strong knot of affection,
Soul indentifies   and mind accepts ,
This  significant  ocean of emotion,
 we rear feelings with in us with adoration ,
An unique relation on the path of formation.

Friday, 2 February 2018

In Silence

In Silence..
In silence our story breathe,
In silence the blizzard  creeps,
In silence the breeze exchanges the notes of heart,
In silence we  see each other through  imaginative glance,
In silence ,we hear the buzz ,louder than hurricane,
Cooler  than icy stalk,
In silence ,we break the  bridge,
Running  on the stairs of heaven ,
Singing and dancing on the rhymes of Beethoven,
In silence ,we step to the Ocean of love,
Ride on the waves ,and sail as long as ocean stretch,
In silence, we reach  to the mountain peck,
Trek in clouds and float with the  dazzling celestial stiff,
Silent and silence is two portions of our story stuff.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Red Moon.

Moon is red,
Recharged and refreshed ,
Looks more adorable ,beautiful ,
Desirable, reveling its beauty through its cool crimson blaze,   
It  may be the sign blush ,a matter of crush,
Towards some mysterious feminine touch,
May be the exchange of two glance,
Two pounding hearts dash ,creating ripples,
So the red dimples ,reflected  in its rays,
Maddening the crowd to visualise a very rare visage.