Thursday, 19 April 2018

It is very easy?

 Without any relevant cause,
Weaving a thought of own,
You accused me ,
Took advantage of my silence,
You took the privilege  to certify my personality
As   a lady with no moral conduct,
What  you want to present?
A woman is an easy prey  to allegation,
Assualtation and  rejection,
She is a timid toy ,a beautiful infatuation,
Whose emotions are negligible,
Whose priority can be offend able,
Whose image is  to be decorated in the walls of living room,
Whose smile will evoke fire to your ribcage,
You consider yourself truthful,
respectful towards womanhood,
A pious person with 100% perfection,
What will I say to you,
An adorable character, true devotee of humanity
Or  ???
Its very easy to speak words ,
Easy to hurt sentiments
Easy to reach conclusion,
Now enough of this easiness let this gloom to seclusion


Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Random thoughts

In the dark corner of myself,
A faint tone beeps,
Some memories creep,
Sweetly plays harp in between my silent lips,
The cool evening breeze touches my skin to arouse bumps in my ribs.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

For a durable relationsip

The  compatibility ,
In  every relationship,
Is the durability,
And reason behind its longevity.
Faith and trust ,
The two aspect,
With its impact,
The compact of bond,
Stands firm,
Or breaks from the norm,
Suspicious thoughts,
Hurts the sentiment,
Pinches the casement,
Lines of betterment,
Weaves magic to the pavement,
Germinates  hope,
Reaps gold,
Activates pulse to energizes the bond 
In a newer form.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Living with the contradictions

I forgot my laughter,
I took the help of pretension,
Nothing worked out to ease out from the contradictions,
Every passing second that I deduct from the time of separation,
Boomerang with a new hope of germination,
The dream of spring ,
The dream of rain,
Amidst the uncertainties and a little chance of probability,
That one day……
In some corner of the earth your beeping heart and mine will meet,
Then the shower will wipe the fury ,
Will soothe the pinching theory ,I am now,
Moving with if…
Walking with when..
Running with will it really be..
Is making me live with the chances of probabilities.

Friday, 13 April 2018

On eve of Dad's birth anniversary.

To mummy,
Mummy never say you are alone,
Dad left us ,we still mourn,
We are with you as his representative,
So don’t blame your fate and cry alone,
We cry ,we wipe our tears to find him in you,
I know Mum ,Dad’s place is irreplaceable,
Just remember, he often use to say we are his soul,
You are our soul,
When I see you in tears,
I crumble to thousand pieces,
Yet I hide my bruises  ,smile in front of you,
To cheer you ,uplift  your mood,
So that  your laughter will become our endeavor,
To start our day with  your  guidance and assurance,
  With a  pleasing  feeling    that  you are with us in every circumstance.

We saw you strong, heart breaking to see  you weak,
Very much disheartening to find you succumb to bed,
We want to see you as the same strong mum,
Whose delicious food craves my hunger more,
And you , stuffing  to my mouth  bulges my belly  out,
Your words  ,we value,
Your presence is valuable,
Don’t think  you are negligible,
You are our sweetest mum and we are  your naughty kids.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

The Warm response

The warm response invigorated in me a desire,
To  touch the blue clouds,
To  seek  the diamond from the heap of firewood,
Energized  me to crack the rock,
Feeling light  to see the minerals mixing in sea water.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Spiritual awareness

Mind the super power of human soul,
 plays the vital role to aware us about our goal,
gathers strength when it is free from the attachments of  our sensorial body.
The three strengths it carries are for the enhancement  and purity,
Iccha shakti(will-power),
 Jnana Shakti(knowledge power),
Kriya shakti(creative power)
live in us clandestinely,
 we have to evoke those,
to gain true strength and authority,
Once a mind is powerful ,knowledge will  become rich,
The simplest  route to understand “Jnana-Shakti”
Is to accept and understand its quality,
Love  plays a pivotal role in human life,
 understanding  assembles more  breath to make rhyme,
Understanding the situation is to understand life,
Without its essence life is meaningless.

Monday, 9 April 2018


The string of attachment ,
persists among the cobweb of sentiments
Twisting emotions hobnob with my predicaments
With a lump in my throat I absorb every reaction
Time to time, reminds me of its quintessence.

Saturday, 7 April 2018

I am

I live not in paradox,
I am not answerable to any stupid judge,
I am me, living in my diameter,
Much aware of “dos and don’t”.
Purity lies in one’s thought,
Adoration culminates with sincere knobs,
Fidelity is a state of mind,
Thoughts decides its depth,
Thoughts concludes it as a crime.
My world is made of beautiful covering,
I see and measure people’s bonding,
According to their concern and their leg pulling,
I never carry ill feelings for anyone
Or spread spicy stories to pull others in agony.
My smile are for others,
yet my tears are mine
I am me,
I believe me,
The faith in me is aware of my actions,
Re-actions and conclusions.

Friday, 6 April 2018


My strength,my power is in pain,
tongue tied I am noticing her in bed,
tickling of droplets slowly soaking my neck,
her cries of desperation is making me shake,
Mummy! When you will regain your previous image?

Wednesday, 4 April 2018


You asked me to confine you
with in two lines,
this is difficult and puzzling
though I am a visionary,
my words search dictionary.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Three days

You know three days passed,
I didn’t see you on the path,
While saying so his voice was fumbling,
His eyes are focused to her lips which are trembling,
He said ,I miss you more when I am unable see you,
Each moment think of you,
It made me annoyed with the time ,
Scold the occasion in my melancholy  rhyme,
Counting seconds  of our meeting venue,
In my wakefulness I painted and rehearsed  my best,
What to confront and how to confront before you,
But this time also I failed,
Words  are in search of lines,
Any way I am so very glad to see you.
The  waiting of seventy – two hours crawled  like a nightmare,
Your company I care,
 your friendship  is very dearer to myself
hence three days of parting taught me
you are a part of myself.

Monday, 2 April 2018

My journey with the waves.

While floating on the waves of ocean,

I break my journey  near the coral reef,

To see how beautiful the blue sea is,

The moves of tides ,

the curves  when it rise,

The dazzling waves and my ride,

Is quite intoxicating and pleasurable.

Each time a new sensation,

A  fresh experience ,

An novel innovation about the magnificence  of the sea,

The sticky breeze ,the roaring ebb,

The golden sand  sings the rhyme of eternal  splendour,

Is bewitching and captivating to strangers,

I  travel  to enjoy  its beauty,

To  gain knowledge about  all its obscurity,

In the due period of my journey,

I  injured myself ,heeled  slowly,

But moved courageously swimming in the oceanic ebb.

Friday, 30 March 2018

Your Song

 When there is a break  between the words and music,
  I hear the silent tone of emptiness,
 my air needs more oxygen,
  my  blood becomes  thick with your thoughts,
My  heart beats  with your song.

Thursday, 29 March 2018



All of a sudden music started playing,
Some instruments became live,
Old monuments started whispering,
Air became pleasant for breathing,
Every thing became so beautiful and loving.

Monday, 26 March 2018


I finished the note book.
Ended the  battle between comas and blank space,
I erased the wrong use of tense,
Rubbed the sentences full of mistake,
Sharpened my pencil each time
 while rectifying the sentence,
My breath gasped a bit,
My hands shivered a bit,
My heart pounded loud,
Yet with my mind sound
I completed  it giving a single dot at the end .
A big full stop ,after that my pencil snoozed,
Then  I wrapped  the notebook tightly and stored it among the other books.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

My destinnation

Iam a  stream,
 flows crossing terrains,
Touching every petals,
Moving gently, not to get bruise by metals,
My run is simple,
Straight forward and  tender,
The ripples in me is softer,
Quite pleasing according my texture,
I love the dashing currents of river,
Handsome waves of the ocean,
Yet I forget not my position,
I get infatuated with the chilling breeze,
The shining sun, debonair moon,
The swinging trees ,the dancing flowers,
And the roaming butterflies,
I like the aroma of flora,
I like the air of fauna ,
I like the reddening glow of morning sun,
I like the fading flush of the  setting moon,
Simple is my passion,
Straight is my destination,
To dash and mix with the river and for further germination,,
Compatible I am with its currents,
Comfortable I am  with my motion,
To reach  my goal is my  only action.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Will I have to give proof

Will I have to prove me to you,
How much I am true?
How much  I am pure?
How much I am sincere?

I stopped my heart to beat,
Mind here clicks,
Trust and faith ,
Two words creaks,
With them a relationship sticks,
Without them every thing  is void and cheap.

These two words,
Assessment and judgment ,
Are two easy cushions that vary,
But without authentic proof,
All are simple allegory,
A baseless story with no roots to its glory.

Believing and disbelieving ,
Is linked to our intellect,
Believe is the yardstick of our dialect,
How to react ,how much to react,
Should be reasonable,
An individual  should be conscious of his syllable,
 receiver does not carry eraser ,
time unlike hot sand slips easily,
from the grip waiting for  no excuse or sorry…


Monday, 19 March 2018

Waiting for the knock.

You live in  my love,
You live more prominently in my hatred,
In both the cases you supersede,
And  your thoughts outshine in my base,
I kneel in pain,
I cry for vain,
I wait for rain,
I run with no gain,
I clean  the  frame,
I sip the hot,
I gulp the cold,
I walk in ice,
I burn in flames,
I stay awake in night,
Just for your sake.
Why ?
Because you supersede my thoughts,
 My Earth is waiting for your knock.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

It is very easy to say

It is very easy for you to say we parted,
For a moment I accept,
The next moment I can’t believe and
I feel angry and disgusted,
The very first thing that hurt me was,
I was rejected,
You forgot my love and
Made me stand in the shore dejected,
I cried and cried,
Decided to sail in the tides of the ocean,
Along with my frustration,
I thought this was destiny and digested.
But my paintings started fading,
My brush ,though habituated to your paintings,
Is unable to replace any other belonging,
It wants to run with your fragrance,
It used to choose color according to your Performa,
Unconsciously it reaches to the same destination every time,
From where our river started flowing , growing and harvesting
Thousand times I controlled myself,
Not to touch your shore
yet the tides of my bosom flows with your rhyme,
It is easy for you to say so.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Closed Door

 I wonder,
My fascination for the closed door,
I could feel the tremor,
I could see it quiver,
I could realize its shudder,
The vibration is intense ,
Making me stammer,
Staggering steps of mine ,
Are  puzzled and surprised,
Behind the curtains, the light
From the luminous  bulb  blinks,
At times bright ,at time dark,
I  move here and there to get torch light,
 My firm hands shiver to touch bright,
Thousand thoughts trigger to my mind,
Thousand times I want to rewind,
But the marks and loud voice coming from the door,
Frightens me.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Bit Confusion

One sunny morning,
you pinged,
Surprisingly it brought gloss to my cheeks,
And then began my addiction to your clicks,
my waiting started from the morning to the evening,
to see your pics and unleashing me in facade of thee,
Slowly and slowly all my attention stay focused to thee,
My thoughts became dense ,
my core accepting you as my princess,
I visualize you in every shade,
My brush paints your image,
I caged your picture in my bosom,
Grow up insane, when I find you not in my notion,
I changed my habits according to your pattern,
To seek your trust ,faith and attention,
My day and night becomes same,
I wish for you ,dream you ,nurture you,
Diligently and carefully as no one can hurt you,
Yet I often wonder…
Do you think as much as I do


Saturday, 10 March 2018

Day after day

Day after day ,
Hours after hours,
Minutes after minutes,
  with  each passing second ,
My mind is intensifying with your thoughts,
The ebb of emotion is on the rise,
I want to stay connecting  all time,
You brought light to my darkness,
Fragrance to my dry meadow,
Beautifying my earth with your shadow,
I dream in day ,count  my pulse in night,
Starts talking with celestial lights,
My garden is glowing with delight,
Each steps I move,
In each blink of mine,
I see your image dancing with the modes of divine rhyme,
Life becomes luscious,
When I see my picture in your eyes,
With you is my ecstasy,
With out you I am dying,
This feeling  thickens in me,
I feel incomplete without thee.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Our Lines

We see each other
 from the lines
We share
We write with care,
As  we promised ,
Not to hurt each other’s sentiment,
But to encourage each other for our betterment.

In lines we live,
In lines we breath,
My heartaches  when your lines cry,
My  heart leaps with joy when your lines smile,
We live in each other’s heart,
Beeps say how intensely we are attached.

My lines bear your essence,
Your lines are stitched with my fragrance,
Even the hurricane cannot place its presence,
This is the uniqueness of our relation,
Our lines are very well aware of our emotion.
Because they are carved with deep devotion.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Radha's Confession

Radha ‘s confession.
O my Lord,
With you is my soul,
You are my goal,
You  are in my bosom,
I left my bosom in your kingdom.

I move like a corpse,
From one place to other,
measuring the time and the span,
counting my fingers and clasping your picture in my arms,
I seek your foot prints in my rhyme,
My pulse says I am thine.

You play holi with  your admirers,
 spray the water colors to your followers,
I adore your game,
Addicted to your musical frame,
Intoxicating is the spring wind,
Fascinating is spring when cuckoo sings,
Holi comes in season’s best,
I am devoted to you till I rest.

To be with you I crossed miles,
To be with you I ignored sarcastic lines,
You touched me with colors,
I am forever yours.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Radha To Krishna

Radha to Krishna
O my lord! Why you poured this color?
 Iam already drenched  in your color,
I am not me but soaked in blue,
 Except you I see no one in my view,
Your flute and you,  make me crazy,
I forget the whole and dance till I am dizzy,
The spring becomes  happy when  our feet swings
With the melodic breeze and with the
 harmonious raga of your  charming beat.

You are my passion ,you are my sensation,
You  and you rule in my thoughts,
 my bumps recognize your fragrance,
My skin is aware of  my red gloss,
When I am saturated in your rhyme,
These holi  colours you sprayed to me,
Are adding more pink to my spine.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

This is sad

It is  very awful
When I couldn’t see your foot steps in the sea shore,
At first I explore them in the bed of sands,
Then searched it among the blue oceanic giants,
From the roaring waves I tried to visualize your prints,
The dashing tides mocks at the rifts,
The sun too points out your absence from the cliff,  
The star studded sky denies about your existing spring,
You are to me ,my heart ,whose absence cripples me and
 emptiness  clings,
A deep vacuum pervades my senses,
Like a zombie I move crossing every hinges,
Struggling with your memory and it binges,   
Pinching me every moment that  you have slipped from every clutches.
This is so sad ,yet I have to bear the loses.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

The weapon

Silence is my weapon,
When you assessed me,
My words,
My works,
My personality,
I maintained silence,
Because I am hurt
I was abused ,
With no relevant cause,
With fault not much,
You weaved thoughts,
Which were purely yours,
No authenticity ,simply trash,
I preferred to keep silent,
You wounded me with your writings,
Projected me as a villain,

I still maintained silence,
Don’t take test to my silence,
Don’t force my silence to speak,
Don’t think me weak,
Don’t consider any lady cheap,
Don’t think you smart and others wreck.
Adoration ,devotion ,infatuation  are the three divine feelings,
Thoughts make them pure,
Thoughts make them impure.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

The Wind

The wind changed its direction,
The wind mill altered its perception,
Cloudy sky toils with the heavy dose of precipitation,
The parched earth is waiting for renovation,
The moisture clad air is moving with an intention,
Unperturbed ,unmoved ,untouched to every obstructions,
When the cliff blocks and hurts the gushing breeze,
The sensitive wind pours out its frustration,
The voice is bit loud ,pinching ,
Crying with desperation,
Hiding its soulful pathos behind the thunderous projection,
Each droplets bearing parable of emotion,
Each spark of lightening burns with passion,
Each thunder reveals the shivering sensation,
The wind ,though wounded ,
Unshaken and bold , flows towards its destination.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

You taught me to love

Your arrival created uproar in my chamber,
 Making me  numb,
From  the silence of night ,I could feel
Each organs of mine are in dancing mode,
I could sense their jubilant  ring tone,
Heart   beats  loud to louder,
Skin changes my bright tone to brighter,
Red blood vessels are running fast to faster,
Eyes stroll aimlessly on each streets ,each corners,
Each plains ,to cool its hunger.

Moon is in slumber,
Probably want to remain aloof  from  all the situations,
Time to time ,my patience is trailing its extension,
I act as a maniac, I comprehend  its position,
Yet couldn’t control the palpitation,
So strong is the string of attachment,
My sleepless nights dream you,
My sunny days groove  you
 wanted to be with you, because,
You taught me  to be in love with you.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Hi ! Good Morning

When your message blinks Hi,
Blood flow reddens my face,
Brightens my eyes,
Hot flush rushes on my ribs,
Fast beats shoots my temperature high,
Shyly I wipe my cheek,
Then gently press the button to click,
The two adorable alphabets “hi” with a smile on my lips,
When your pictorial good morning message comes,
I search my previous message stuff,
Again to send ,the message befitting your image that crops,
In my smart phone,
I search for suitable lines,
Perfect pictures,
Lovely gestures,
Smiley ,songs to convey my feelings ,
When I see your like button,
I feel like flying in the meadows,
When I see your loving text gestures,
I feel I am no more here but in the paradise,
Dancing and singing with the fairies by my side.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

This is unusual

This is unusual
Yes this is unusual,
Two souls meet as casual,
Their bond slowly bloomed to special,
Though they appear two individuals,
Their hearts beeps  mutual,
They share,
They care,
They flare,
With no reluctance,
With acceptance,
To respect each other,
To  watch each other,
To have trust for each other,
They now bother not for the cracks,
They now bother not for the hail storm,
They  are sure  of this specialty,
 Adores one another individuality,
Keeping no complexity,rather,
giving  freedom to groom this special bond with ample opportunity.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

My ink and its Lines

My lines are alive,
Alive with your memories,
I sail through the waves of feelings,
Every time intense to more intensely,
Because you captured my soul,
And my breathe is near you,
 always reminds me,
  I am yours .

When my heart sings,
My ink splits,
All the emotions that is carefully caged in my bosom,
When my ink dances,
It crosses the boundaries to touch you,
When my ink pens you,
I forget me ,just remember you,
When my pen shrieks,
It longs for you.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Dear Valentine

O my dear Valentine!
What have you  done ?
You left me with no choice,
 You made me live to hear your voice,
I have no options to be happy,
Without seeing your smiling beauty,
With you I live hundred lives,
With you I play  with stars,
Live in Moon, and sing in heaven,
Fairies envy ,yet we dance with pride.

For you I count seconds ,curse minutes ,abuse hours,
Keep waiting eagerly just to get your glance,
 For you  I am  possessive,
For you I am submissive,
For you I am passionate,
For you I am defensive,
Transformed to obsessive,
It may sounds thrash but this is real and the fact.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Red Spring

Red Spring
Spring,the seasonal queen,
Richest with nature’s bounty,
Sweetest weather induces  ripples to the quite,  
Creates poets and poetry to glorify its divine,
 Soothing is its melody,
Soothing is the breeze,
Soothing is from dawn to dusk,
Soothing is the crush and
Soothingly  lovers weave  verse,
Soothingly they   flaunt their emotion,
Through the beautiful red rose.
Red is the rose ,
red is the core,
Red lovers look ,
Red  the Sun looks when it blush,
Red is the sky when two hearts meet and they never want to say bye,
Red is their cheeks when their eyes meet and they see each other with no intention  to part,
Red is the  evening moon,
Because it is aware of  romance and flowers speak through their fragrance.
Red is the emotion which is filled with passion,
Red is the spring ,when lovers hum Valentine rhyme.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

To my valentine

To my Valentine..
When you say nothing ,
Your echo I hear ,
It  heals  my burn,
I feel sad for a second ,
then smile in the second turn,
It’s you   ,whose picture I see in the morning dew,
Fantasize and then  run to grab it in my pocket to feel you,
Even in  crowd  I listen your whisper,
Sense your breath,
Recognize your smile,
Distinguish you when you sigh,
Experience  your  aromatic presence,
Figure out your silence,
Try to understand you without giving me preference,
It’s all because I am dedicated to you, my Valentine.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Self -invention

Self invention.
What I want to prove myself,
A perfectionist in each aspect,
A bundle of webbed prospect,
Vowed to the bunch of social respect,
Some sort of assertion ,
Some prohibition ,
some restriction,
To my expression ,
in order to prove me ,that I am perfect in every jurisdiction.
A self revelation, self assumption,
such redemption,
Revising myself in order to rediscover the potentials
Which submerged among the charms of the season’s rotation,
According to my changing scene of my character,
I mould my image to glorify my actions,
With a selfish motive,
to put my thumb impression to prove my perfection,but,
Rediscovering and reinventing helped me in order to,
Healing myself, dealing with thyself,{Almighty}
Creating a bond of uniqueness among our self,
Erases all the lines ,confirming me to stay contended in this art gallery.

Monday, 5 February 2018

My Feelings

My feelings for you is
Strange but true,
My blank spaces shriek for you,
It is you,
Whose alphabets sing and dance in my thoughts,
It is you,
Who sprayed dew ,brought rain, activated fountain,
In my inactive domicile,
I started feeling new,
Flying in high horizon,
Demanding like a child,
Jumping seeing your profile,
Wanted your attention all while,
Thinking you are only mine,
My ink is still dipped with your thoughts,
My dreams bear your spots,
Stars started calling me crazy,
and the Moon accepts me as his buddy,
my insanity was in heights,
When you robbed me,
When I am no more mine,
You left me …..
Crazy ,dizzy ,and I am waiting ,
For you in the dry meadows
sipping your memories as my wine.