Sunday, 3 September 2017


Your waves made me sail in the roaring ocean,
Your petals of rose filled the crystal glass,
Which was lying empty, since then,
Your click brings gloss to my cheeks,
I couldn’t help myself waiting for you,
My ink turned pink ,my eyes blink with new dreams,
I reverted all my possession,
which were once dearer to me in the archive dustbin,
Decided never to peep them ,
Its all because you wiped my tears,
Made me smile, cuddle me with your sentiments,
So I forgot the past frustration and firmed my mind to smile with you,
You calmed me with your assuring words,
All my agony vanished away,
Your presence brought relief to my heave,
Because of it, all my seasons turned to spring,
I started visualizing rainbow in clear sky,
I started whispering love rhymes,
I started taking care of my face ,
I started realizing how beautiful the world is,
For you,
So thank you.

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