Thursday, 19 April 2018

It is very easy?

 Without any relevant cause,
Weaving a thought of own,
You accused me ,
Took advantage of my silence,
You took the privilege  to certify my personality
As   a lady with no moral conduct,
What  you want to present?
A woman is an easy prey  to allegation,
Assualtation and  rejection,
She is a timid toy ,a beautiful infatuation,
Whose emotions are negligible,
Whose priority can be offend able,
Whose image is  to be decorated in the walls of living room,
Whose smile will evoke fire to your ribcage,
You consider yourself truthful,
respectful towards womanhood,
A pious person with 100% perfection,
What will I say to you,
An adorable character, true devotee of humanity
Or  ???
Its very easy to speak words ,
Easy to hurt sentiments
Easy to reach conclusion,
Now enough of this easiness let this gloom to seclusion


Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Random thoughts

In the dark corner of myself,
A faint tone beeps,
Some memories creep,
Sweetly plays harp in between my silent lips,
The cool evening breeze touches my skin to arouse bumps in my ribs.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

For a durable relationsip

The  compatibility ,
In  every relationship,
Is the durability,
And reason behind its longevity.
Faith and trust ,
The two aspect,
With its impact,
The compact of bond,
Stands firm,
Or breaks from the norm,
Suspicious thoughts,
Hurts the sentiment,
Pinches the casement,
Lines of betterment,
Weaves magic to the pavement,
Germinates  hope,
Reaps gold,
Activates pulse to energizes the bond 
In a newer form.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Living with the contradictions

I forgot my laughter,
I took the help of pretension,
Nothing worked out to ease out from the contradictions,
Every passing second that I deduct from the time of separation,
Boomerang with a new hope of germination,
The dream of spring ,
The dream of rain,
Amidst the uncertainties and a little chance of probability,
That one day……
In some corner of the earth your beeping heart and mine will meet,
Then the shower will wipe the fury ,
Will soothe the pinching theory ,I am now,
Moving with if…
Walking with when..
Running with will it really be..
Is making me live with the chances of probabilities.

Friday, 13 April 2018

On eve of Dad's birth anniversary.

To mummy,
Mummy never say you are alone,
Dad left us ,we still mourn,
We are with you as his representative,
So don’t blame your fate and cry alone,
We cry ,we wipe our tears to find him in you,
I know Mum ,Dad’s place is irreplaceable,
Just remember, he often use to say we are his soul,
You are our soul,
When I see you in tears,
I crumble to thousand pieces,
Yet I hide my bruises  ,smile in front of you,
To cheer you ,uplift  your mood,
So that  your laughter will become our endeavor,
To start our day with  your  guidance and assurance,
  With a  pleasing  feeling    that  you are with us in every circumstance.

We saw you strong, heart breaking to see  you weak,
Very much disheartening to find you succumb to bed,
We want to see you as the same strong mum,
Whose delicious food craves my hunger more,
And you , stuffing  to my mouth  bulges my belly  out,
Your words  ,we value,
Your presence is valuable,
Don’t think  you are negligible,
You are our sweetest mum and we are  your naughty kids.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

The Warm response

The warm response invigorated in me a desire,
To  touch the blue clouds,
To  seek  the diamond from the heap of firewood,
Energized  me to crack the rock,
Feeling light  to see the minerals mixing in sea water.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Spiritual awareness

Mind the super power of human soul,
 plays the vital role to aware us about our goal,
gathers strength when it is free from the attachments of  our sensorial body.
The three strengths it carries are for the enhancement  and purity,
Iccha shakti(will-power),
 Jnana Shakti(knowledge power),
Kriya shakti(creative power)
live in us clandestinely,
 we have to evoke those,
to gain true strength and authority,
Once a mind is powerful ,knowledge will  become rich,
The simplest  route to understand “Jnana-Shakti”
Is to accept and understand its quality,
Love  plays a pivotal role in human life,
 understanding  assembles more  breath to make rhyme,
Understanding the situation is to understand life,
Without its essence life is meaningless.