Saturday, 18 November 2017

when we met

We meet thousand times in thoughts,
thousand stories we weave,
thousand songs we reap,
thousand words we plan,
thousand dreams we dream,
thousand lines we prepare,

But finally when we met,
We were silent,
Beeps were violent,
Eyes were jubilant,
Legs were turbulent,
Lips were reluctant,
To express the ecstatic lines,
That because of you,
Now life is pleasant,
Days became lovely,
dreams became sweet in every evening,
Gorgeous stars became friendly,
To both of us ,and we are no more lonely….

Thursday, 16 November 2017


Too much to ask
 Carrying  so much in my heart,
I move alone in my path,
With the burden of words,
Dancing day and night,
Why really you part?
Did you ever thought of me once?
How I spend my nights?
How lately my sun rise,
How the seconds bite,
Uff! Every day I end of questioning me,
Why I think of you,
Why not I hate you?
Stifling and pinching me inside,
Like a robot I perform my duties,
But if ever I meet you in the world of proliferation,
There is too much to ask………

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

My Tribute

 Your masterly entrance broke my reverie,
You and your guitar stupefied the territory,
I followed you crossing my periphery,
The  route started glittering in my imaginary,
In all along the way I rush behind your melody,
Slowly and slowly your song intensified in my memory,
Like an adhesive and I can not debarred myself coming closer to the hostelry,
Of  pure feelings and fathomless gallery,
At last my soul found someone whose touch heighten my fantasy,
Which made me dip, made me fly, made me climb, all the rocky terrain,
Easily ,smilingly ,pleasantly  carrying the fragrance of yours in my bosom elegantly.
Hence this song is a tribute to your artistry.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Wish I could go back

Wish I could go back,
To the days when we  met in the rain,
 Those were the days of amusing splashes,
The days when we use to sing with the chirping birds,
The days of collecting champa flower  to gift each other,
The days of pulling towards one another,
The days of magical  longing for each other,
and  all  those rides under the of sun –blanched globe,
The days of bunking classes and holding each other’s arm ,
Inhaling abundance of  air ,kicking the sand balls on the shore,
Those special moments curl me in lonely hour,
I cuddled it very close to my core,
Those touch of your sensitizes me till now.
Years rolled in it’s way,
But I moved with these  ,keeping it as a secret in my closed chamber it date.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

What happened to my eyes?

Don’t ask this question,
What happened to my eyes?
Yap, something troubling my sight,
Something making me unrest day and night,
I see your image in floating water side,
My heart has become stubborn,
Imprinted your carbon copy in my bosom,
After this you are asking me a million dollar question?
Why so ? oh! this is hurting my sensation,
You have become a part and parcel of my imagination,
I visualize your picture among the tempestuous ocean,
I see your curve in the river’s rotating motion,
I  hear your speech in the  deep silence of my meditation,
In  all this my eyes are supporting with utter affection

Saturday, 11 November 2017

One another

Yes! We don’t talk anymore,
We don’t text anymore,
We don’t see any more,
We are friends no more,
Still  we never forget to peep one another,
Stare a secret glance to one another,
Watch cautiously to one another,
With out the utterance of single word to one another,
Probably the lump is still there for one another,
Probably the crush still existed in a corner for one another,
Probably the feelings sometime revise old memories of one another,
Probably a hidden longing is persisting for one another,
Uff ! we are friends no more,
A secret admirer to one another.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Easy Vrs.Uneasy

Living without you is not that easy,
Staring at the blank spaces  may be easy,
Hiding behind the concealer  may be easy,
Wandering aimlessly may be easy,
Talking with sounds of waves may be easy,
Singing with the lullaby’s cloud may be easy ,yet,
Driving you out from my memory is not that easy,
Wiping out your image from my canvas is not easy,
Ripping  off myself  from everything is not easy,
Hung between easy and uneasy ,I am crazy,
I see myself standing in front of the river, hence dizzy,
Every day is uneasy ,I fight with in me to remain easy,
I try my best to look easy ,though  internally me giddy.