Monday, 19 March 2018

Waiting for the knock.

You live in  my love,
You live more prominently in my hatred,
In both the cases you supersede,
And  your thoughts outshine in my base,
I kneel in pain,
I cry for vain,
I wait for rain,
I run with no gain,
I clean  the  frame,
I sip the hot,
I gulp the cold,
I walk in ice,
I burn in flames,
I stay awake in night,
Just for your sake.
Why ?
Because you supersede my thoughts,
 My Earth is waiting for your knock.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

It is very easy to say

It is very easy for you to say we parted,
For a moment I accept,
The next moment I can’t believe and
I feel angry and disgusted,
The very first thing that hurt me was,
I was rejected,
You forgot my love and
Made me stand in the shore dejected,
I cried and cried,
Decided to sail in the tides of the ocean,
Along with my frustration,
I thought this was destiny and digested.
But my paintings started fading,
My brush ,though habituated to your paintings,
Is unable to replace any other belonging,
It wants to run with your fragrance,
It used to choose color according to your Performa,
Unconsciously it reaches to the same destination every time,
From where our river started flowing , growing and harvesting
Thousand times I controlled myself,
Not to touch your shore
yet the tides of my bosom flows with your rhyme,
It is easy for you to say so.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Closed Door

 I wonder,
My fascination for the closed door,
I could feel the tremor,
I could see it quiver,
I could realize its shudder,
The vibration is intense ,
Making me stammer,
Staggering steps of mine ,
Are  puzzled and surprised,
Behind the curtains, the light
From the luminous  bulb  blinks,
At times bright ,at time dark,
I  move here and there to get torch light,
 My firm hands shiver to touch bright,
Thousand thoughts trigger to my mind,
Thousand times I want to rewind,
But the marks and loud voice coming from the door,
Frightens me.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Bit Confusion

One sunny morning,
you pinged,
Surprisingly it brought gloss to my cheeks,
And then began my addiction to your clicks,
my waiting started from the morning to the evening,
to see your pics and unleashing me in facade of thee,
Slowly and slowly all my attention stay focused to thee,
My thoughts became dense ,
my core accepting you as my princess,
I visualize you in every shade,
My brush paints your image,
I caged your picture in my bosom,
Grow up insane, when I find you not in my notion,
I changed my habits according to your pattern,
To seek your trust ,faith and attention,
My day and night becomes same,
I wish for you ,dream you ,nurture you,
Diligently and carefully as no one can hurt you,
Yet I often wonder…
Do you think as much as I do


Saturday, 10 March 2018

Day after day

Day after day ,
Hours after hours,
Minutes after minutes,
  with  each passing second ,
My mind is intensifying with your thoughts,
The ebb of emotion is on the rise,
I want to stay connecting  all time,
You brought light to my darkness,
Fragrance to my dry meadow,
Beautifying my earth with your shadow,
I dream in day ,count  my pulse in night,
Starts talking with celestial lights,
My garden is glowing with delight,
Each steps I move,
In each blink of mine,
I see your image dancing with the modes of divine rhyme,
Life becomes luscious,
When I see my picture in your eyes,
With you is my ecstasy,
With out you I am dying,
This feeling  thickens in me,
I feel incomplete without thee.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Our Lines

We see each other
 from the lines
We share
We write with care,
As  we promised ,
Not to hurt each other’s sentiment,
But to encourage each other for our betterment.

In lines we live,
In lines we breath,
My heartaches  when your lines cry,
My  heart leaps with joy when your lines smile,
We live in each other’s heart,
Beeps say how intensely we are attached.

My lines bear your essence,
Your lines are stitched with my fragrance,
Even the hurricane cannot place its presence,
This is the uniqueness of our relation,
Our lines are very well aware of our emotion.
Because they are carved with deep devotion.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Radha's Confession

Radha ‘s confession.
O my Lord,
With you is my soul,
You are my goal,
You  are in my bosom,
I left my bosom in your kingdom.

I move like a corpse,
From one place to other,
measuring the time and the span,
counting my fingers and clasping your picture in my arms,
I seek your foot prints in my rhyme,
My pulse says I am thine.

You play holi with  your admirers,
 spray the water colors to your followers,
I adore your game,
Addicted to your musical frame,
Intoxicating is the spring wind,
Fascinating is spring when cuckoo sings,
Holi comes in season’s best,
I am devoted to you till I rest.

To be with you I crossed miles,
To be with you I ignored sarcastic lines,
You touched me with colors,
I am forever yours.